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Ford Electric Vehicles For Sale

Ford is a household name when it comes to quality cars. The legendary automaker offers an array of Ford electric vehicles that run either entirely on electric power or use a combination of gas and electricity. Ford's ever-growing electric lineup currently includes sedans and SUVs to accommodate a variety of needs. There's no shortage of power with Ford's electric vehicles, and you'll get exceptional fuel economy as well.


How Often Should I Service My Ford Explorer?

Your Ford Explorer's maintenance schedule will depend on several specific factors, including the car's model year that you drive and even the trim level. The type of transmission and engine that a car uses can also influence its recommended service schedule, along with the services that need to be performed at all service points.


What's New For the 2021 Ford Transit?

A few new additions have been made to the 2021 Ford Transit, which offers a higher payload and can tackle more driving challenges with its increased performance. The passenger van comes with an automatic parking brake that is now standard instead of optional, boosting the vehicle's value.