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Benefits of a Ford Extended Warranty

Where a Ford extended warranty comes in handy is when you hit the wall of an outrageously expensive problem. For example, you had a broke air conditioner compressor or a busted camshaft. As a car owner, you might feel relief that you can fall back on the extended warranty.


Ford Service Coupons in Houston

Don't let vehicle repair costs stop you from servicing your vehicle when problems arise. Whether your car needs an oil change, new spark plugs or tires, or even an engine overhaul, our certified experts are at your service, ready to show you firsthand why we are a top name in vehicle repair and service.


Used Cars Under $15,000 in Houston, TX

At Joe Myers Ford, our goal is to make the process of buying a used car as seamless and as enjoyable for our customers as possible. We are committed to consistently delivering high-quality used cars, trucks, and SUVs at prices you can afford. We feature a diverse inventory that includes vehicles of various makes and models.