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Compare The 2019 Ford Fusion S Sedan vs Fusion SE Sedan

The Ford Fusion has always been a vehicle that provides optimal convenience and comfort to its drivers. This is a vehicle that has been around for a number of years. The 2019 model has some noticeable upgrades and changes. With various trim levels to choose from, this is a vehicle that will satisfy all of your needs. Whether you are looking for a commuter vehicle to take you to work each day, or your family needs something affordable and efficient for daily driving, Joe Myers Ford has a model of the Ford Fusion that will be perfect. Letís take a much closer look at the 2019 Ford Fusion S trim level in comparison to the 2019 Ford Fusion SE sedan.


2019 Ford Escape Model Review

Ford gears up and gets ready to release its 2019 Escape SUV model. The model is set to be an improvement of its 2018 model. Ford maintains its competitive edge in the marketplace with the new model. Known for its reputation, the 2019 model proves ofn powerful utility functions, a better voice command interface, and an array of engine options.


How to Tell when it's Time to Change Power Steering Fluid

Chances are, you havenít thought much about the need for changing your power steering fluid. Oil changes and tire rotations are all things people think about. Power steering fluid is often neglected. This is largely due to misinformation regarding how often power steering fluid should be changed. You should also consider the fact that certain products last longer than others. If you havenít thought about servicing your power steering fluid until now, letís take a closer look at some things you can look for which indicate it is time to change your power steering fluid.